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s2 x 50 MW Power Plant, Ratija, Chhattisgarh
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2 x 50 MW Power Plant, Ratija, Chhattisgarh

We have set up 2 x 50MW coal based thermal power project in the Korba district, Chhattisgarh through Spectrum Coal and Power Limited, our wholly owned subsidiary.
The project site is located in the Ratija Village in the Korba district, Chhattisgarh, and is adjacent to our existing coal beneficiation operations in the Ratija Village. The site is located 30  kilometres  from  Korba  (nearest  town).  Korba  is  the  nearest  railway  station  and  is  at  a  distance  of  30 kilometres from the project site.


We received an approval dated July 6, 2005 from the Ministry of Coal for long-term coal linkage for an amount of 0.098 million tons per annum to be blended with coal rejects, in order to meet our requirements of fuel. This has now expired and we have requested the Ministry of Coal to grant an extension.


We have entered into a power purchase agreement dated December 5, 2013 with Chhattisgarh State Power Trading Company Limited for sale of 5% of the net power generated at variable cost.


Power Grid Corporation, in accordance with the terms of the bulk power transmission agreement entered with Spectrum Coal and dated April 30, 2009, has granted open access to the Ratija Power Project for 100 MW which, on request of Spectrum Power, is reduced to 60MW. The agreement has granted connectivity to Spectrum Coal though Power Grid Corporation's Sipat Pooling Station in the Western Grid.

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