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s1,200 MW Power Plant, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh
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1,200 MW Power Plant, Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh

We are implementing a 1,200 MW coal-based thermal power plant in the Sidhi district, Madhya Pradesh. The power project will be commissioned with two units of 600 MW each, with an aggregate designed capacity of 1,200 MW upon completion of construction. The project is owned by Aryan MP Power Generation Private Limited. ACB (India) Limited is the ultimate holding company. The proposed commissioning date of the first unit of 600 MW is March 2019 and for second unit is September 2019.

The project site is located in the Village Musamudi and Bhumka Tehsil Majhauli in the Sidhi district, Madhya Pradesh. The site is located approximately 35 kilometers from Sidhi (nearest town). Bhadura is the nearest railway station and is at a distance of approximately 4 kilometers from the project site.

Entire land required for the Sidhi Power Project has been acquired.

The primary fuel for the Sidhi Power Project will be coal. The expected consumption of coal for the Sidhi Power Project is 6.20 million tons per annum. Accordingly, we have made an application for a long-term coal linkage for 6.20 million tons per annum to the Standing Linkage Committee, Ministry of Coal, which is under advanced stages of approval. We propose to construct our own railway siding for the project to link the power plant to the nearest railway line. Western Central Railway provided us with an "in principle" approval for the coal to be transported by rail to the Sidhi Power Project.

The amount of water required for the Sidhi Power Project is estimated to be approximately 44 million cubic meters per annum. We have received an approval dated May 18, 2008 from the Water Resources Department, Government of Madhya Pradesh, for allocation of 44 million cubic meters of water per annum from the Banas River for the Sidhi Power Project.

The Power Grid Corporation has granted open access to the Sidhi Power Project at its Vindhyachal Pooling Station subject to certain terms and conditions. Power from the Sidhi power plant shall be evacuated through a 75 km, 400 KV dedicated transmission line connected to the Vindhyachal Pooling Station to transmit the power. We have signed a bulk power transmission agreement with Power Grid Corporation for the evacuation of power.

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